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Nuclear Science Week

October 17–21, 2022
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Nuclear Technology Makes Lives Better

Nuclear Science Week is an international, broadly observed week-long celebration of all aspects of nuclear science. This year the event was hosted by the Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences Department (NERS) at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We hosted several events highlighting how nuclear science supports clean energy, environment and health, national security, and scientific discovery. The recordings are available below.

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Virtual lunches

Towards a Low-Carbon Future: Why Young Professionals Are Excited About Nuclear Energy (NAYGN/IYNC Panel)

Innovations and advancements in industry, policy, and global cooperation in the nuclear field are coalescing to create a bright future for nuclear energy. Join us for a discussion with future leaders about how their contributions to the advancement of nuclear energy will benefit society, how nuclear energy can usher in a low-carbon future quickly and justly, and why they are personally excited about the nuclear field.

Kristine Madden, IAEA
Ryan Norman, Third Way
Muna Al Suwaidi, Nawah Energy Company, UAE YGN and IYNC
Dylan Sylvester, Xcel Energy

Moderator: Geneve Magnan, NAYGN member and U-M NERS undergraduate student

Nuclear as Magic

Speaker: Kathryn Huff, DOE
Host: Brendan Kochunas, NERS

Nuclear Engineering Careers

Hear from a panel of nuclear engineers who have taken different paths in their careers. Learn where a nuclear engineering career could take you at a nuclear-generating company or at a supplier to the industry.

Pam Cowan, Westinghouse, President Global Engineered Systems & Solutions
Ashley Kovacs, Constellation, Director Nuclear Fuels
Jason Murphy, Constellation, Vice President Nuclear Fuels
Jeanne Tortorelli, Constellation, Director Nuclear Fuels

Moderator: Susan Korn, GE Hitachi
Host: Stephen Raiman, NERS

U.S. WIN Outreach Webinar: Environmental Justice in the Nuclear Industry

Clean energy technologies are a key element to combating climate change, and nuclear energy plays a critical role in our path to a carbon-free future. While converting to clean energy to mitigate climate change will have a more equitable impact on communities across the globe, there are other tangible elements of environmental justice that are equally – and often more – important to disadvantaged communities. Members of the nuclear industry are actively working to foster trusting, inclusive relationships with disadvantaged communities and to ensure their values are centered when decisions are made.

In this webinar, our panel of experts will share their insight on how we can all work to promote environmental justice within the nuclear industry and to ensure that carbon-free energy is equitable across diverse communities.

Dr. Aditi Verma, Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

Hilary Jacobs, Associate at Beveridge & Diamond

Kara Colton, Director of Nuclear Policy at the Energy Communities Alliance

Advanced Fission Technologies: A New Dawn of Innovation

There appears to be growing recognition that advanced fission reactor technologies not only can but must play a role in any successful clean energy transition.  There also seems to be growing skepticism that the approaches that enabled the nuclear power programs of today will be suitable or sufficient going forward.  How did nuclear energy achieve the foothold it has today?  What will it take to move it to where it needs to go next?

Speaker: Kristine Svinicki, NERS
Host: Brian Kiedrowski, NERS

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Showcase & reception

Recorded on October 18 at Rackham Graduate School in Ann Arbor, Michigan
WelcomeDean Alec Gallimore, Michigan Engineering
Craig Piercy, American Nuclear Society
Peter Dietrich, DTE
Mackenzie Warwick, U-M Women in Nuclear Chapter President
Spotlight on Clean Energy
Idaho National Laboratory
Nuclear Energy as Clean Energy PanelRebecca Casper, Idaho Falls Mayor
Jess Gehin, Idaho National Laboratory
Ethan Hauser, DTE
Craig Piercy, American Nuclear Society
Zach McDaniel, Westinghouse Electric Company
Aditi Verma, NERS (moderator)
Nuclear for Environment & Health
David Howard, West Physics
Lunch in Assembly Hall

Spotlight on Scientific Discovery
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Nuclear as Scientific Discovery PanelEva Davidson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Thomas Glasmacher, Michigan State University
Mike MacDonald, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Louise Willingale, U-M Electrical and Computer Engineering
Yang Zhang, NERS (moderator)
Spotlight on National Security
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nuclear for National Security PanelJessica Bufford, Nuclear Threat Initiative
Mary Hockaday, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Alfred O. Hero, U-M Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tony Shin, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Sara Pozzi, NERS (moderator)
Student PanelLonnie Garrett, U-M NERS Graduate Student
Katie Mummah, Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Los Alamos National Laboratory
Robby Renfrow, NERS Graduate Student Committee President

Reception Photos

Nuclear Science Week


U.S. Nuclear Security: The Need to be Responsive and Responsible

Recorded on September 14

Jill Hruby, Under Secretary for Nuclear Security U.S. Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration Administrator

Nuclear Engineering and Nonproliferation at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Recorded on October 19

Mary Hockaday, Nuclear Engineering and Nonproliferation, NEN Division Leader, Los Alamos National Laboratory

four awards


Nuclear Science Week

Lifetime Achievement Award—James Duderstadt

James Duderstadt, Former President of the University of Michigan and Professor Emeritus of NERS, was given the Lifetime Achievement Award for his over 50 years of leadership in science and technology and his substantial contributions to the welfare of the nation through public service activities in science, technology, and public policy.

three people, one of them is holding an award

Nuclear Lifetime Achievement Award—Jill Hruby

Jill Hruby, Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration, was given the Nuclear Lifetime Achievement Award. Hurby was honored for her over 30 years of scientific, engineering, and policy leadership, coupled with national advocacy for women in engineering, in advancing the Nation’s leadership in nuclear security.

Nuclear Science Week

Visionary Awards—Third Way, ClearPath, and Good Energy Collective

Three national think tanks, Third Way, ClearPath, and Good Energy Collective, were given Visionary Awards for policy leadership that has created growing and sustained governmental support for advanced nuclear energy as a critical component of a vibrant low-carbon future.


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