Degree Requirements

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The course requirement listing for a degree in Engineering Physics takes the form of a sample schedule (see below or download the PDF).

Engineering Physics Grade Policy

In order to earn a BSE degree, students must have no grades of “C-” or below in any core program courses or technical electives. Students may have only one grade of “C-” or below in all required mathematics and technical courses. Students will be required to retake any course for which they did not satisfy this criterion.

Engineering Physics Sample Schedule (effective Fall 2021)

Credit Hours12345678
Subjects required by all programs (55 hrs.)
Mathematics 115, 116, 215, and 216164444
Engr 100, Intro to Engr44
Engr 101, Intro to Computers¹44
Chemistry 125/126 and 130 or Chemistry 210 and 211255
Physics 140 with Lab 141; Physics 240 with Lab 24131055
Intellectual Breadth164444
Advanced Mathematics (3 hrs.)
Mathematics Electives (3 hrs.)433
Related Technical Subjects (8 hrs.)
MATSCIE 220 or 25044
EECS 215 or 31444
Physics Technical Subjects (23 hrs.)
Physics 340, Waves, Heat and Light33
Physics 351, Methods of Theoretical Physics I533
Physics 390, Intro to Modern Physics or NERS 311, Ele of Nuc Engr & Rad Sci I33
Physics 401, Int Mech633
Physics 405, Int Elect and Mag33
Physics 406, Stat/Thermal Physics33
Physics Lab Elective or Directed Study with Research Lab Component22
Physics Elective (300-level or higher)33
Engineering Concentration (20 hrs.)7
Engineering Electives164444
Engineering Laboratory Elective (400-level or higher)44
Technical Electives (7 hrs.)8
Mathematics, Physics or Engr Courses (300-level or higher)743
General Electives (12 hrs.) 123333

1EECS 180  credit ( Exam/Transfer Introductory Computer Programming)  will not meet the programming requirement on its own. Students must also select from: Engr 101, Engr 151, Engr 161, or EECS 280.

2If you have a satisfactory score or grade in Chemistry AP, A‐Level, IB Exams or transfer credit from another institution for Chemistry 130/125/126, you will have met the Chemistry Core Requirement for Michigan Engineering.

3If you have a satisfactory score or grade in Physics AP, A‐Level, IB Exams or transfer credit from another institution for Physics 140/141 and 240/241, you will have met the Physics Core Requirement for Michigan Engineering.

4Math Electives must be 300‐level or higher.

5NERS 320 can be used as a substitute, as well as possibly other similar courses, subject to Undergraduate Chair approval.

6For students pursuing ME in Engr Technical Electives, CEE 211 or ME 240 will be advised as a substitute for Physics 401. MECHENG 440 or MECHENG 540 can be substituted with faculty program advisor approval.

7Engineering Electives are to be chosen in consultation with the Undergraduate Chair to form a coherent sequence that clearly defines professional goals for the student. Sample elective sequences for a number of different subject areas are available from the academic or faculty advisors.

8Students contemplating graduate studies in Physics should elect Physics 453, Quantum Mech and Physics 463, Solid State for a complete background.

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