Reporting Concerns and Misconduct

If you encounter behavior or misconduct that does not follow the College of Engineering values or University of Michigan policies, or you are unsure if you have experienced such behavior, there are resources and contacts available for you. 

Among these resources and contacts are people who are not required to report prohibited behavior such as sexual assault, harassment, violence, stalking, or retaliation; and people who are required to report. Staff and faculty who must immediately report prohibited behavior to the University’s Equity, Civil Rights, and Title IX Office (ECRT) are referred to as Individuals with Reporting Obligations (IROs). The University’s definitions of Confidential vs. Non-Confidential can be found here.

Emergency assistance

If immediate emergency assistance is needed or a crime is in progress, dial 9-1-1 for emergency response.

Non-emergency assistance

For non-emergency situations, call the U-M Division of Public Safety and Security at (734) 763-1131. Public safety professionals can help assess the situation and determine what other notification or action is necessary. For information on the Clery Act, contact the Division of Public Safety and Security.


University support

Resources from the University on sexual and gender-based misconduct reporting can be found here.

Faculty, staff, and students can visit the policy page on Protection from Retaliation for a complete list of confidential and non-confidential options for reporting wrongful conduct or retaliation.

To maintain confidentiality

If you prefer to maintain confidentiality or are uncertain if you want to file a formal complaint, your first action might be to contact those who are not considered IROs. 

At NERS, employees and faculty considered not required to report misconduct include:

Outside of NERS, those considered not required to report misconduct include:

Formal, non-confidential issues

At NERS, most faculty and staff are considered IROs. IROs are mandated to share any prohibited conduct with the Equity, Civil Rights, and Title IX Office. Please be aware that your issue will not remain private or confidential.

At NERS, IROs that must report any misconduct include (but are not limited to):

Outside of NERS, those that must report any misconduct include:

  • For Students: The Dean of Students Office (DOS): (734) 764-7420
  • For Faculty: Academic Human Resources: (734) 763-8938 
  • For Staff: Staff Human Resources: (734) 763-2387 

Maintaining integrity and respect

NERS strives to create a safe, healthy, and supportive environment for everyone within the department. While the decision of whether or not to report misconduct is up to those who encounter it, know that whatever your decision, you will be heard, we will take the matter seriously, and the NERS community will stand behind you.

Remarks by Chair Allen

For NERS to be successful, each member of the NERS community must be able to achieve their goals. To ensure each of you achieve your goals, you must feel confident in your work environment. Please speak up for yourself and look out for each other. We are #1 because WE are #1 together.