Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral Researchers at NERS engage in cutting-edge research to design, build, run and regulate nuclear power plants in the US and abroad. In addition, they help advance the application of radiation in medicine, nuclear security, the dismantling of weapons, the disposal of radioactive wastes, and basic research. Postdocs leverage their graduate experience to perform advanced research, with more autonomy, and to guide current NERS undergraduate and graduate researchers.


Postdoc News

Heath LeFevre Portrait

Heath LeFevre awarded NSF fellowship

The NERS postdoc researches radiation hydrodynamics relevant to astrophysics.

pei-hsun huang and TaehwanA portrait

NERS researchers awarded ANS Best Paper Award

The paper investigates the heat transfer performance of the sodium heat pipes which will be adopted in the future Special Purpose Reactors (SPR).

NERS researchers are supporting efforts to design experiments for a Versatile Test Reactor

The multi-institution collaboration is designing experiments to test various molten salt reactor technologies.