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Mark Hammig

Associate Research Scientist


1906 Cooley

Research Interests

Dr. Hammig’s scientific work is currently focused in three areas: 1) nanostructured semiconducting materials for enhanced photonic and particle sensing , 2) stochastic systems’ research, and 3) photonic devices. His current projects include: a) the detection of high explosives using neutron interrogation, b) the imaging of the radiation-induced electron cloud using silicon detectors, c) the investigation of charge-carrier transport through condensed matter, d) mitigating the noise in electrical oscillators via active control, e) the study of optical-solid interactions with applications for photonic thrusting, f) the development of high-resolution, low- cost radiation detectors comprised of lead and cadmium chalcogenide semiconducting materials, and g) long-range detection of nuclear materials using laser-based interrogation of the surrounding air.

Research areas:


University of Michigan

PhD ’05

MS ’98

California Institute of Technology

BS Hon. ’94



  • Distinguished Dissertation Award (at the Univ. of Michigan) 2005
  • McIvor Award Winner (at the Univ. of Michigan) 2005
  • Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship Recipient (at the Univ. of Michigan) 1998-99