Ronald Gilgenbach

Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

Science and technology of intense electron beams and plasmas generated by advanced MV and MA accelerators. High power microwave generation from intense electron beams.

Research areas:


Columbia University

PhD Electrical Engineering ’78

University of Wisconsin

MS Electrical Engineering ’73

BS Hon. Electrical Engineering ’72

Professional Service

Developed state-of-the-art: 1 MV, 10 kA, 1 microsecond electron beam generator (MELBA) and 1- MA Linear Transformer Driver (LTD) MAIZE z-pinch facility.

Member of National Academy of Sciences Panel: M. Mauel (co-chair), M. Shochet (co-chair), C. Bach, R. Betti, I. Chapman, C. Forest, T.K. Fowler, J. Freidberg, R.M. Gilgenbach, W. Heidbrink, M. Herrmann, F. Jenko, S. Kaye, M. Kikuchi, S. Reyes, C.P. Robinson, P. Snyder, A. Wendt, B. Worth, “ Strategic Plan for Burning Plasma Research in the U.S.”, A Consensus Study Report of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, National Academies Press, Washington D.C., 2018

Awards and Honors

    • 2018 Glenn F. and Gladys H. Knoll Department Chair, NERS
    • 2017, Fellow, ANS
    • 2017, IEEE Peter Haas Pulsed Power Award
    • 2010, Chihiro Kikuchi Collegiate Professor
    • 2006, Fellow, IEEE, Life Fellow (2015)
    • 1996, Fellow, American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics
    • 2006, Outstanding Professional Award from IEEE Southeast Michigan Section
    • 1997, IEEE Plasma Science and Applications Award
    • 1993, Research Excellence Award (UM College of Engineering)
    • 1987, Young Member Engineering Achievement Award from American Nuclear Society
    • 1984, Presidential Young Investigator Award
    • 1984, Centennial Key Award for Outstanding Young Engineer from the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society