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Jeff Bradfute

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  • Senior Vice President, Americas PWR Fuel, Westinghouse Electric Company

Mr. Jeffrey (Jeff) Bradfute holds the position of Vice President, Americas Fuel Delivery at Westinghouse Electric Company. He is responsible for developing nuclear fuel solutions to meet operating performance and economic demands of the current LWR fleet, and with delivery of Westinghouse nuclear fuel, fuel components, engineering services, and technology to the Americas market. He is directly involved in the development of advanced fuel hardware, methods and technology that will provide step-change margin improvements and allow carbon-free nuclear power to remain competitive with alternative sources of electricity.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Bradfute served as the vice president of Global Fuel Engineering, Safety Analysis and Product Management.  In this role he was responsible for PWR and BWR fuel hardware design and testing, core reload analysis, safety analysis (including small/large-break and full spectrum LOCA and containment and radiological analyses), as well as the technology development functions supporting nuclear physics, thermal hydraulic and fuel performance methods for fuel and reload core designs, and PWR full spectrum LOCA.

Mr. Bradfute joined Westinghouse in 1992. His 29 years of nuclear experience have included engineering and innovation in core design and reload engineering, business leadership roles with both domestic and international customers related to fuel hardware, engineering services and technology.  Mr. Bradfute spent 3 years during his early career as an employee of South Carolina Electric & Gas as a core designer/reactor engineer before returning to Westinghouse.  He is a trusted advisor on a number of nuclear related government and academic advisory boards including ORNL Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate Advisory Board, University of Michigan Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences Advisory Board (Past Chair), and several others.   Mr. Bradfute also serves on fuel related working groups led by EPRI and NEI.  Mr. Bradfute is a professional engineer and a veteran of the United States Navy.

He received his B.S. degree in nuclear engineering from University of Cincinnati (summa cum laude), his M.S. degree in nuclear engineering from the University of Michigan, and his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. He is a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society and has had leadership roles both at the local and national level, as well as organizational roles for a number of ANS sponsored conferences.