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Sara Pozzi elected International Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

Pozzi played a crucial role in strengthening the non-proliferation research connection between Sweden and the U.S.

Sara Pozzi, University Diversity and Social Transformation Professor and Professor of Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences has been elected as an International Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. This prestigious recognition highlights Professor Pozzi’s outstanding contributions to the field and underscores the global impact of her work.

“It is a great privilege for us to welcome Professor Pozzi as an international member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA),” said Imre Pázsit, a professor at Chalmers University of Technology, an adjunct professor at NERS, and Pozzi’s nominator. “This will bring a much-appreciated strengthening of the scientific connection between Sweden and the U.S., particularly between Chalmers and the leading nuclear engineering department in the U.S., in the field of nuclear engineering and safeguards. Collaboration with Professor Pozzi and her Consortium was absolutely crucial for starting up non-proliferation research at Chalmers, and we have had lots of mutual benefits in our collaboration over the years. The scope of these contacts will now be lifted to a higher and wider level now that Prof. Pozzi will be active in IVA. This becomes increasingly important given the current positive changes in the planned role of nuclear energy in Sweden. In addition to her outstanding scientific research, Prof. Pozzi will also share her experience as a University Diversity and Social Transformation Professor.”

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, founded in 1919, is renowned for promoting the engineering and economic sciences, as well as their application in the interest of society. The Academy’s Fellowship is a testament to Pozzi’s exceptional achievements in nuclear engineering, radiological sciences, and her dedication to advancing knowledge in these critical fields.

“Professor Pozzi is recognized as an outstanding leader at U-M and across the United States,” said NERS Chair Todd Allen. “Her selection as a Royal Swedish Society Fellow cements her reputation as an international leader.  We are proud that she represents the excellence of the University of Michigan.”

Known for her pioneering work in neutron detection and imaging, Pozzi has played a pivotal role in advancing nuclear measurement techniques. Her research has significant implications for nuclear nonproliferation and homeland security. She is the founding Director of the Consortium for Verification Technology (CVT) 2014–2019 and the Consortium for Monitoring, Technology, and Verification (MTV) 2019–2024, two large consortia of multiple universities and national laboratories working together to develop the next generation of scientists and engineers in nuclear security and new technologies needed for nuclear treaty verification. Pozzi holds fellowship status in the American Nuclear Society, the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Her election to the IVA Fellowship further cements her status as a leading figure in the international scientific community.

“It’s a significant honor to be elected an International Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences,” said Pozzi. “I look forward to meeting and interacting with fellow members, across many disciplines of engineering and business, and cultivating additional scientific collaborations between the United States and Sweden for the benefit of society. I would like to extend my gratitude to my nominator, Prof. Imre Pázsit of Chalmers University, for nominating me and to the entire selection committee for endorsing my application to this distinction.”

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