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Jeanie Qi’s Study Abroad Journey and Engineering Physics Pursuit

Jeanie Qi portrait
Jeanie Qi

Jeanie Qi, a University of Michigan student studying Engineering Physics, recently embarked on a study abroad journey in Paris, where she delved into a 6-week engineering program. During this period, she enrolled in a core class, EECS 314, and an elective, Haute Couture (Fashion History). 

“I wanted to be immersed in another culture because it expands your perspective of the world,” said Jeanie. “Europe was also a great location for me because traveling to bordering countries is very accessible and convenient.”

Jeanie’s study abroad experience, while not without its challenges, had a significant impact on her personal development. Navigating foreign lands, often with a language barrier, taught her invaluable lessons in independence, time management, and adaptability. 

“Studying abroad showed me global experiences from a different perspective,” said Jeanie. “For example, in my humanities class, we learned so much more detail on the French narrative of the world wars. Studying abroad immersed me into one country, but traveling definitely enriched my cultural understanding and global perspective more.”

Choosing the University of Michigan for her undergraduate studies in Engineering Physics was a pivotal decision for Jeanie. She was drawn to Michigan due to its renowned work-hard-play-hard environment. Moreover, the university’s diverse undergraduate program and a high percentage of out-of-state students provided her with the opportunity to interact with a variety of people. The flexibility and rigor of the Engineering Physics program at Michigan were precisely what Jeanie sought in her academic journey.

Jeanie’s interest in Engineering Physics was fueled by her fascination with applied physics, where theory met practicality. This unique blend of theoretical understanding and hands-on applications resonated deeply with her, setting the stage for her future endeavors.

The Engineering Physics program at the University of Michigan offered Jeanie not only academic challenges but also exciting opportunities. The major’s flexibility allowed her to tailor her focus area, an aspect that many other majors lack. For Jeanie, this freedom meant diving into classes that truly captured her interest, fostering a genuine passion for her studies.

Balancing the demands of an Engineering Physics program with extracurricular activities and part-time work required adept time management. For Jeanie, utilizing tools like Google Calendar proved instrumental. Visualizing her activities, classes, and office hours helped her optimize her schedule, ensuring she met both academic and personal commitments.

To students considering studying abroad or pursuing a degree in Engineering Physics, Jeanie offers this advice: “If you feel comfortable being on your own or want to push yourself out of your comfort zone, I highly recommend studying abroad. Studying abroad is also a great chance to travel while you are still young. If you know you enjoy physics and you want to have a personalized engineering experience, Engineering Physics is the perfect major for you.”

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