Mark Perreault portrait

Mark Perreault retires after 23 years

Perreault was Senior Electronics Technician for the Plasma, Pulsed Power, and Microwave Laboratory.

Mark Perreault portrait
Mark Perreault

Mark Perreault, a Senior Electronics Technician in the Plasma, Pulsed Power, and Microwave Laboratory (PPML) at the U-M Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences (NERS) has retired after 23 years with the department. 

Perreault has been the Senior Electronics Technician and Lab Safety Coordinator for the PPML since 1998. During his tenure, he played an important part in the education and graduation of almost 30 students. 

“The unique challenges that have been given to me in my career here have allowed me to not only hone my skills but to expand the scope of my technical talents,” said Perreault. “ I am thankful for the opportunity to have served the PPML, NERS department, and the University of Michigan.” 

“Mark has been a tremendous resource for the lab, and for me personally, bridging my time as a PhD student and my current role as a research scientist,” said NERS associate research scientist, Nick Jordan. “Nearly every experiment and piece of equipment (and there is a LOT of it) was installed, modified, designed, or fixed by Mark. I’m definitely going to miss having him around the lab, and wish him the best of luck in spoiling his grandkids even more.”

“Mark has been a pleasure to work with, and he will be sorely missed by all in our laboratory,” said NERS prof. Ryan McBride. “He has helped countless graduate and undergraduate student researchers safely navigate their way through the PPML. Whether it be designing and fabricating new circuits, building and rebuilding large pulsed-power machines, purchasing supplies for students, moving concrete walls for shielding, or making sure that safety protocols are up to date and being followed appropriately, Mark has always been eager to help out with whatever was needed in PPML. He has certainly made my first five years here at U-M much more enjoyable and successful. Mark’s retirement is well earned, and I wish him and his family all the best as they embark on this new chapter together.”

“Mark has played a major role in the development of several major experimental facilities (MELBA, MAIZE, and BLUE) with voltages up to 1 MV and currents up to 1 MA,” said NERS prof. Ronald Gilgenbach. “He has also assisted countless students, ensuring their success in building, debugging, and operating experiments. Mark’s duty as department safety officer has been flawless, with zero student injuries during his tenure. His positive attitude has made Mark a pleasure to work with. He will be sorely missed by all members of the lab.”

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