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NERS Alum Dr. Valentin T. Jordanov named IEEE Fellow for contributions to radiation measurements

Jordanov has made fundamental contributions to real-time digital and analog pulse processing in radiation measurements.

Dr. Valentin T. Jordanov, alumni of U-M Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences (NERS), was named a 2021 Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He was recognized for his “contributions to real-time digital and analog pulse processing in radiation measurements.” 

Jordanov received his M.S. in Engineering Physics from Sofia University in Bulgaria in 1983, and went on to receive his Ph.D. from NERS in 1994. He worked under the guidance of the late Prof. Glenn F. Knoll, revered NERS faculty member and another IEEE Fellow. Jordanov’s numerous publications include contributions to Knoll’s book “Radiation Detection and Measurements.” 

“While I am delighted to receive this prestigious recognition, I know it is not without the professional support and encouragement of many with extraordinary achievements on their own,” Jordanov said. “Notably, without Glenn Knoll, this would never have happened. I dedicate this recognition to Glenn. I think he would have been proud and perhaps is smiling from the above.”

Jordanov has made a pioneering contribution by developing real-time algorithms for digital pulse processing in radiation measurements. His algorithms and design methodologies are widely used in modern radiation spectrometers.

In 1997, Jordanov created the consulting firm Yantel, LLC, which provides consulting and design services in the areas of X-ray and gamma-ray spectroscopy as well as radiation detectors design. In 2011, he established labZY, LLC to promote a new concept of open architecture in radiation measurement instrumentation.

Jordanov noted, “As crazy it is, the year of pandemic happened to be the Fellow year in my family life.” His wife, Dr. Vania K. Jordanova, became a Fellow of Los Alamos National Lab. Vania is also a Michigan alumnus, having received her Ph.D. from the U-M Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences (now Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering). 

NERS wishes a heartfelt congratulations to both Jordanov Fellows.

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