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Graduate Program

MSE and PhD in Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

Our graduate program is among the most highly regarded nuclear engineering programs worldwide, consistently ranked first in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.

As the department continues to advance the fast-evolving field of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences, our graduate curriculum prepares students to shoulder leadership roles as their careers progress following master’s or doctoral degrees.

Why choose NERS?

World-Class Faculty
Learn from leading experts and researchers who are shaping the future of the field. Our faculty members are committed to mentorship, innovation, and pushing the boundaries of knowledge.
Cutting-Edge Research
Engage in groundbreaking research projects that address pressing global challenges. From nuclear energy and security to medical applications and environmental protection, our research spans a wide range of critical areas.
State-of-the-Art Facilities
Gain access to advanced laboratories, experimental facilities, and computational resources. Our facilities provide the tools and infrastructure needed to conduct cutting-edge research and hands-on experimentation.
Interdisciplinary Opportunities
Collaborate across disciplines and departments to tackle complex problems from multiple perspectives. Our program encourages interdisciplinary research and offers opportunities to work with experts from diverse fields.
Industry Partnerships
Benefit from our strong connections with industry partners, national laboratories, and government agencies. These partnerships provide valuable opportunities for internships, networking, and real-world experience.
Flexible Curriculum
Customize your educational experience with a flexible curriculum that allows you to tailor your studies to your interests and career goals. Choose from a wide range of elective courses and specialization tracks.
Supportive Community
Join a vibrant and supportive community of fellow students, alumni, and professionals. Our close-knit community fosters collaboration, networking, and lifelong friendships.

Research Options

Each NERS graduate student focuses on one of four Research Options that corresponds to one of our four Research Areas. Students have the option to specialize in scientific computing or mathematics as well. We encourage our students to design their own program of study in consultation with their graduate advisor, taking into account their specific backgrounds and professional goals.
Fission Systems & Radiation Transport
Understanding atomic nuclei splitting and radiation movement through materials is crucial for nuclear power, nonproliferation, and various applications in radiation transport and fission systems engineering. Learn more >
Materials & Radiation Effects 
Understanding atomic nuclei splitting and radiation movement through materials is crucial for nuclear power, nonproliferation, and various applications in radiation transport and fission systems engineering. Learn more >
Plasmas & Nuclear Fusion
Plasmas have the potential to purify water, propel spacecraft across the solar system and beyond, heal wounds, ignite nuclear fusion and more. Learn more >
Radiation Measurements & Imaging
Radiation measurements are important for medical imaging, archaeology, astrophysics, and preventing the spread of nuclear weapons. Learn more >

Who should apply?

Our graduate program is tailored for individuals who are passionate about advancing their expertise and making a meaningful impact in the field of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences. Ideal candidates include:
Aspiring Researchers and Scholars
Individuals who are driven to pursue research at the forefront of the field. Whether your interests lie in nuclear energy, medical physics, radiation detection, or other specialized areas, our program provides the resources and support to turn your research aspirations into reality.
Industry Professionals Seeking Advancement
Professionals already working in the nuclear industry who are eager to deepen their knowledge, expand their skill set, and advance their careers. Our program offers opportunities to gain specialized expertise and stay abreast of the latest developments in the field, preparing you for leadership roles and new opportunities within the industry.
Future Educators and Academics
Aspiring educators who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and shaping the next generation of nuclear engineers and radiological scientists. Our program provides a strong foundation in both theoretical principles and practical applications, equipping you with the tools and expertise needed to excel in academia.
Government and Policy Professionals
Individuals interested in shaping nuclear policy, regulation, and international relations. Our program offers insights into the societal, ethical, and policy implications of nuclear technology, preparing you to contribute to informed decision-making and policy development at the local, national, and international levels.
Cross-Disciplinary Innovators
Visionaries who recognize the interdisciplinary nature of today’s challenges and opportunities in nuclear energy. Whether you come from a background in engineering, physics, biology, environmental science, or another field, our program welcomes diverse perspectives and fosters collaboration across disciplines to address complex problems and drive innovation.



John Foster

Professor and Master’s Chair


Lu-Min Wang

Professor and Graduate Chair


Garnette Roberts

Graduate Program Manager

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Khan Nguyen

Recruiting & Outreach Coordinator


The Rackham Graduate School administers the admissions process for our graduate programs.

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