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NERS to support U-M, Los Alamos National Laboratory collaboration

Professors Brendan Kochunas, Brian Kiedrowki, and Carolyn Kuranz are all collaborators on the project.

NERS will support U-M’s new five-year, $15 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory. This funding will facilitate a collaboration to pioneer advanced computing technologies. NERS Profs. Brendan Kochunas, Brian Kiedrowki, and Carolyn Kuranz will all play a part. AERO Prof. Karthik Duraisamy, director of the Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering, is the principal investigator on the project.

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Kochunas will be supporting program synthesis applications in scientific computing as well as methods for higher-order time integration schemes in multiphysics problems, and some reduced-order modeling in radiation transport.

Kiedrowski will collaborate on areas including program synthesis, advanced solvers, and numerical methods for radiation transport coupled with other relevant physics.

Kuranz’s expertise in high-energy-density physics will be leveraged to guide development activities and model selection for advanced multi-fidelity frameworks that improve predictive simulation capabilities.

The team from NERS plans to leverage the experimental capabilities of the Michigan Accelerator for Inductive Z-Pinch Experiments (MAIZE) within the Plasma, Pulsed Power, and Microwave Laboratory (PPML) and ZEUS, the new 3 petawatt laser facility. The PPML is directed by NERS Prof. Ryan McBride and ZEUS is directed by NERS Prof. Karl Krushelnick.

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