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Carolyn Kuranz honored with NERS Departmental Faculty Award from Michigan Engineering

The award recognizes high-impact accomplishments benefitting NERS and Michigan Engineering.

Professor Carolyn Kuranz has been given the NERS Departmental Faculty Award from Michigan Engineering in recognition of her high-impact accomplishments benefitting the NERS department and Michigan Engineering.

“It is an honor to receive this award,” said Kuranz. “Especially since it is from my wonderful colleagues in NERS.”

Specializing in high-energy-density plasma physics, Kuranz investigates the behavior of matter under extreme temperatures and pressures. Her work often emulates conditions found in astrophysical phenomena, such as supernovae, the interiors of giant planets, and nuclear fusion, utilizing high-power lasers to generate and analyze high-energy-density plasmas.

Beyond her research prowess, Kuranz has left a lasting impact as an educator and mentor, influencing the future generation of plasma physicists. Known for her hands-on approach, she actively mentors each student, serving as the faculty adviser to over 60 enrolled in the Engineering Physics program. Kuranz engages with students individually, discussing proposed curricula, internship opportunities, and providing guidance on post-graduation options and long-term career planning.

“Carolyn is an outstanding researcher, teacher, mentor, and colleague and NERS is a better place due to her contributions,” said NERS Chair Todd Allen. “She greatly deserves this award.”

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