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Todd Allen will support Midwest hydrogen hub

The Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen will produce hydrogen by using nuclear energy.

The U.S. Department of Energy announced last week that seven Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs, or H2Hubs, will be created throughout the country with $7 billion in funding. Todd Allen, NERS Chair, and Greg Keoleian, Professor in the School of Environment and Sustainability, the co-directors of MI Hydrogen, will support the Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen H2Hub, or MachH2. 

MachH2 is a coalition of more than 70 public and private organizations across Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Their shared goal is to use the region’s carbon-free energy to create a clean hydrogen economy and reduce emissions across multiple heavy-emitting sectors. 

MI Hydrogen and the other university partners will support the hub’s life cycle and techno-economic analysis as well as the overall community benefits plan.

“The upper midwestern states are natural leads for expanding the production, transportation, and use of hydrogen in transportation and industrial applications in the United States,” said Allen. “The MachH2 team combines a unique foundation in hydrogen production using zero-carbon technology with community-connected programs in workforce development and environmental justice. The result will be transformational approaches towards a clean energy future.  MI Hydrogen looks forward to supporting both the Hub and the State of Michigan in this transition.”

The press release from MachH2 is available here. The press release from Michigan Engineering is here.

Hydrogen Grand Challenge

NERS is a proud sponsor of the Hydrogen Grand Challenge, a series of prize competitions for U-M students organized by Allen and MI Hydrogen. The first competition, Michigan Hydrogen Horizon, asks students to develop a business case for a Michigan-centered, regional deployment of hydrogen. The student projects are part of building out the broader hydrogen ecosystem being driven by MachH2. Learn more about the Hydrogen Grand Challenge here.

Introduction to Hydrogen

On October 10, Krystal York and Neil Kern from H2Edge visited NERS and presented about the increasing interest in hydrogen to the energy transition due to its potential to decarbonize various sectors.

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